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Our purpose

To flood the world with delicious and exciting independently created videoed arts to nourish the souls of audiences who delight in the alternative, the underground and the unusual.

Our passion

We strongly believe that great artists must be celebrated and freed from obscurity to share their wondrous creativity with the audiences around the world. Art is of great value; we commit to making a fair and global platform where creative people can benefit financially by the process of direct box-office style remuneration.

Our hope

We will connect artists and audiences on the most famous secret underground streaming service! In your own home, your own time, on your own device you have access to a world of original independent entertainment. 

"If you crave something different, the Culture Conspiracy is the go-to platform for content you will not find anywhere else."

The Culture Conspiracy: how it all came about...

It started in a tiny pub in Surrey, UK Ian

In 2003 I found myself running a pub. This was not in my life's plan but it came about and so I decided to make the most of it. I didn't know the first thing about the licensed trade to begin with (apart from having been a keen punter since I was erm.. 14) but I did know about music, arts, theatre and all that stuff. I thought the pub could become a tiny venue. Maybe we could involve the public. I was talking with my colleague about perhaps hosting a poetry night...

the star.jpg

And I overheard Ian on that fateful afternoon... Helen

"Would you like some help with that?" I asked.  A simple innocent question that has led to a great friendship, the birth of the Culture Conspiracy and years of creative joy.

A very public secret society; welcome one and all

Soon the Star had attracted artists from around the South East and had become a buzzing venue for live music, pub theatre, poetry and art. It wasn't long before we decided to produce our own live shows and videos. During the time when the Culture Conspiracy was based at the Star - and since - we created:

Dot and Maureen (Cleaners to The Stars) - online video sketches

Many pub pantomimes and a nativity!

Rebecca - a comedy stage show based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier

The Culture Conspiracy Lounge on Facebook


The Travesty of Richard III

Our current production: A comedy adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III. The show enjoyed sell out success and great reviews at various fringe venues until.. Covid 19 struck! So now it's a "filmplay" - filmed in isolation and edited into a one-hour video. You can watch it here at the Culture Conspiracy of course! Click the image to find out more about the stage show. When things get moving it'll be out and about again - hire it for your real world venue!

The Travesty or RIchard III 2019 Cartoon
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Necessity is the mother of invention

Covid 19 Lockdown 2020. Do we need to even go into that!? Well, actually we do.. At the beginning of 2020 The Culture Conspiracy Theatre Company was set to travel around the UK fringe circuit with our two-hander comedy production The Travesty of Richard III. Then all hell broke loose in the world of theatre. Events, festivals and shows were cancelled and our shows with them. One enterprising festival organisation wasn't going to be beaten though and converted their entire programme to an online experience! We have great respect for them for creating the first festival-specific virtual venue we'd ever heard of!

So what happened? We had a whale of a time converting our stage play into a video "filmplay": Filming in isolation against green screens to amusing effect followed by weeks of editing and post-production.  This was such an innovative  idea that Ian was invited on to BBC Radio to talk about it.

After the online festival ended we looked for simple, pay-per-view online venues to pop The Travesty of Richard III on. There weren't any. Well, not that provided exactly what we we were looking for. 

One evening, in tired research-overload mode Ian said to Helen, "Well, we'd better create our own independent streaming site then". Helen nodded and together we rolled our sleeves up to create this:

The Culture Conspiracy. May it bring you joy.

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