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The independent streaming service you've been searching for!

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Up for it?

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The home to independent video arts where we work together to promote and support your creativity.

You receive 60% of payment-per-view.

No exclusivity required.

No submission or hosting fees.

What makes the Culture Conspiracy different?

We all know the big streaming services, the video upload sites, the theatres which present online content, the hosting and donation sites, and the directory services. They're all great and perform their functions brilliantly but... depending on your aims you have to:

      Be a large production company with links to the "big boys"

      Build a monetised channel on an expensive premium video upload channel

      Be constantly uploading to a well-subscribed channel to gain advertising revenue

      Be a theatre producer with ties to specific real-life venues
      Use a film distribution service and receive a smaller percentage return

      Rely on voluntary donations through one of many smaller hosting services

But now you've found us we're going to make your life easy!

All you need to do is send us your video for assessment and if we like it we'll present it here. Then you can invite your audiences to watch for a modest pay-per-view fee. 

What are we looking for?

This is the mother of multi-genre platforms! Our team of watchers can't wait to check out your: indie films; shorts and sketches; music videos; documentaries; monologues; poetry performances and more. Oh, and did we mention "filmplays"..? More on what those are in the video above...

We are very selective; how to make us love you

Love what you've created and believe in it. Be proud. We know that achieving top-level production isn't always possible for independent creatives, but is your piece the best it can be? Can we see it and hear it clearly? Will your audience be inspired, entertained or made to think?

How to make us reply with a polite "no thanks" and edge away

If the video quality is poor - too compressed, or with bad sound we 'll have to ask you to try again even if we love the content. And on that subject... This is the place for the open-minded, and censorship is not our thing but... we cannot accept content that gratuitously promotes or encourages discrimination, abuse or violence to any individual or group.  

Here's the deal

If your work is accepted. congratulations! Viewing customers will need to pay to watch and you will receive 60% of the revenue.  The Culture Conspiracy is non-exclusive; we don't mind if your show is on elsewhere while it's with us. If your show is on other platforms as well please do check their policies on exclusivity and rights.

How long does your work stay with us?

When your video goes live on the Culture Conspiracy we will host it for a year. We reserve the right to remove it at any time prior to that. You can also request its removal if required at any time.

We're in it together

So your amazing show is online and you want everyone to know about it. Well, we're Culture Conspirators now... working together to bring your independent creativity to the world! We'll be doing our bit to promote this site and your show - and we need you to spread the word on social media, share with your community and market yourself as much as you can. Together we can attract viewers to the Culture Conspiracy and everyone's a winner.

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