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Submission FAQs

Who owns my video's copyright?

You do.

How much does it cost to be on the Culture Conspiracy?

There is no submission fee and no hosting fee. It's completely free to submit.

Can I be paid for my video?

Viewing customers pay per view and you will receive 60% of that fee.

My work features third party material (music, video clips etc.): Is that OK?

We much prefer that all aspects of your work are original, but if you use other artists' work within your piece, we need to see valid written confirmation from the copyright owner that you have permission to use it. Please remember that the "fair use clause" is something of a myth; for more information please visit these articles:

Copyright Laws For 30 Seconds of Music. 

How Legally Use Copyrighted Music. 

Can I Use a Few Seconds of Copyrighted Music?

Can I show my video elsewhere while I'm featured at the Culture Conspiracy?

Absolutely. We don't ask for exclusivity. You're free to upload your work to YouTube, Vimeo, festival sites and so on - but do check the exclusivity and rights policies of any other platforms you may feature on.

May I link the Culture Conspiracy to my own site, socials or festival directory?

Please do! 

How long will my video be on the Culture Conspiracy?

When your video goes live on the Culture Conspiracy we will host it for a year. We reserve the right to remove it at any time prior to that. You can also request its removal if required at any time.

Can I submit more than one video?

You absolutely can. We do ask that you fill in a submission form for each separate submission - this helps us to organise things on our system, and prevents terrible muddles!

Who will promote and market my show?

It's in your interest to do as much of your own promotion as possible. Use your network to draw audiences to your video at the Culture Conspiracy. If you're on a site like YouTube already consider setting your video to a non-public status and direct your potential viewers here instead. You're not on your own though: We will ask you for promotional images and copy then promote the Culture Conspiracy - and your video - through advertising, industry networking and social media.  

I'm thinking about accessibility; who provides subtitles?

We aim to be as accessible as possible. We don't ask that content is subtitled, but we are looking at technology that will provide that service as a switchable option to viewing customers. In the meantime, if you would like your content subtitled we ask that you provide your video with the titles embedded. There is also an option to provide us with transcripts which viewing customers can download.

I feel like there must be a catch?

Of course there is! Well, not really. The only "catch" is that there's the chance you may not get any views during your time with us, but well done for giving it try! 

I have some other questions. Can I get in touch?

Sure! Anything else you need to ask just email us HERE and we'll get back to you soon.

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