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The Bloomin' Arts Theatre Company are an integrated company of performing and visual artists who create specialist projects and performances for touring to theatre venues, festivals, schools and community groups.  Now online with film and audio drama.

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Undeterred by a pandemic and new technological ways of working the Bloomin'Arts Theatre Company ditched their dreams of developing and touring a physical production and launched themselves into working on Zoom to continue to produce quality shows to share with the world. Learning how to become their own technicians, acting for film in a small, confined space, communicating in a very different way; they were not content to do drama exercises and put things on hold.  Instead, they decided to produce a unique adaption of The Tempest and tour to online festivals instead! Over nine months we have laughed, cried and kept connected through our shared love of all things dramatic - especially Shakespeare! Join us in this magical adventure created within the boundaries of our own islands.

A storm out at sea; an island of magic and spirits; a tale of romance and revenge.  Join the Bloomin' Arts Theatre Company on their incredible journey in this exciting adaptation of a classic Shakespeare tale filmed entirely on Zoom and occasionally in a real room.  Will Ferdinand and Miranda find love? Will Alonso find his son? Will Stephano and Trincolo really take over the island?  Will Caliban ever be freed? With Prospero and his tricksy spirit Ariel playing games with everybody who knows what
might happen!

Watch The Tempest now

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