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Submission finalisation DUPLICATE

Please fill in this form for each separate video if we have accepted more than one. Upload one video per form. Thank you.

Venue hire period  (please tick one) *

Please note: Your hire period will not auto-renew.

Venue hire start time (please select one)*

OR commence hosting video on (DD/MM/YYYY)

Pricing your video

Please see our recommended 72-hour rental price examples.

screenshot of prices Jan 2021 mono.png

Please note: we require your desired rental price in UK pounds and pence. We will round up or down any amounts that convert from your currency awkwardly!

The bank bit

Please enter details of the account into which you would like any payment from the views of your show to go. Your information is kept secure within our database and is most definitely not shared beyond CCVV admin.

Our contract together

Our Comprehensive Terms and Conditions form the basis of our working contract. By ticking the box below you confirm that you have read and understood these.

Your second form has been submitted

Please check all fields are filled

All good?

Now send us your video file along with any poster images, online media images, logos and photos you wish us to use for promotional purposes. You can also send us a short trailer video - up to 2 minute 20 seconds.

If you have already submitted your video file to us, please just send your supporting images and/or trailer using WeTransfer.

Prepare and send your video via WeTransfer

Naming the file

As you can imagine we have a lot of videos to store and organise! That's why we ask you to use the following naming convention: CCVV vid sub - Name of project - Your name- 01 Example: CCVV vid sub - Random Rants and Remedies-Daisy Jackson 01

We ask you to put the number at the end in case you need to send an amended version and we know to put the correct one up! 

Reducing the file size

We need your video to be the best quality at the smallest file size. To compress your video we recommend you use Handbrake. It's free software for Mac or PC that does a cracking job of reducing the MB right down while preserving the quality. You can find that here: HANDBRAKE VIDEO FILE COMPRESSOR

These settings work very well:

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 12.54.14.png

What kind of file should I send?

Handbrake will usually default to creating an MP4 file. We can also accept MPEG and MOV files.

Sending the file to us

At present, we find the simplest way to transfer files - without the need for Dropbox or sign-up drives is to use good old WeTransfer. Its basic functions are available for free and you can access it HERE. Please enter our email as and be sure to include your own email as well. WeTransfer looks like this:

What happens next?

We will email you to confirm receipt of your information, video and supporting images.

That's the video. Now your supporting images

Using WeTransfer please send us images in png or jpg format.

Those handy links again

HANDBRAKE for video compression

WETRANSFER for sending us your video

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 13.08.20.png
Sending to us
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